I usually don't travel a lot so I'm used to doing these things that I love when it's summer, I hope you like it.


I know this might be a little cliche but is one of the things that I enjoy the most because I like to imagine that I'm in other planet and that I'm this badass character that has this amazing adventures.
So this is one of my favorite things not only to do in the summer but every time despite that is easier in summer when I don't have any worries or homework to do, I like to lock myself in my bedroom, light some candle, make coffee or tea and relax while reading.

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I'm not a poetic person or something like that but what I love to do is imagine my own fairytale and capture it in words, sometimes I decide to share it or I keep it to myself.

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I like to dance but not with choreography, what I do is that I turn on the speakers when I'm alone, put my favorite music (5SOS, Shawn Mendes, Bruno Mars, etc) and I let my self go with the rhythm of the music, I sing and dance like I want without caring.

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Spend time with my family

Maybe going out for ice cream or just sitting together to eat dinner, play with my brother, go to walk to a park, watch movies, tell stories, is what I do when I don't travel and it's my favorite thing to do.

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Set goals

When it's summer I always set goals for myself, like save money, read certain books, lose weight, eat healthier, wake up earlier, etc.
I don't always accomplish all of them, but it's nice to try to do it and that keeps me occupated from being lazy and makes me feel better.

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Clean my room

This is maybe boring or annoying for some of you but I like to watch my room clean or find ways to make it look better, when my room is clean I'm comfortable and that's important.

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Learn new things

I like to learn things, what is important in this is that you learn something that you like, like learn to drive, write, plant, draw, a new language, etc. I always love to come back to school knowing something new.

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These might be simple things but is what make my vacations happy without the need of travel...

Thanks for reading -xv