Today it's a different article, I don't write it to myself or for you; it can that this article will not interest you but I don't care, cause I write it for all a country, for a nation, for 40 million people; a populace that cried by joy when she was qualificated to THE WORLD CUP 2018 after 20 years of absence .
For a long time I swore to never watch morocco matchs; I didn't like it; the game was zero, not good, no concentration, no complicity between players. I heard my parents talking about the last time morocco played in this international event, it seems to be fairy, and I was simply jealous; I wanna experience that too, but I was hopeless; I thought that I will never live that: those feelings, those emotions, this stress... BUT a year from now MR.Renard who is our fabulous coach change it all; today we have a strong selection: which is united for the good and for the worse.

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Sure our Natinal Team suffred from lot of injustices in this World Cup, but they offered a beautiful game who pleased to a large audience and football lovers from different countries . The world witness for the brilliant play our LIONS presented and we are PROUD of it.

Sure we are iliminieted without any point, any score in our pocket, but with lot of love ...i'm a football lover since I am little, but it's the first time I saw the power of this sport; football unite people from different colour, races, and who speak different dialects under the same roof; our roof this time is the the moroccan flag .

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In an interview with one of the players (F.FAJR) the presenter (journalist) questionned him how the players can communicate between them knowing that they talk different language and dialects ( french-spanich-deutch-arab-turkish-Italian...),and the player spantaniously responded the heart traduce it all ... this simple answer can show to everyone how this selection is really powerful.
THIS TEAM proves to us that Morocco have a word to say ... we will not forget the 20th june 2018 (the match faciing Portugal); because yes we made dance for 90+5 minutes a champion of Europe, AND the supposed best player of the world...and I swear it's one of the best matches of this Mondial.

_So Thank you Amine Harit, Thank you Nordine amrabat, Thank you Hakim Ziyech, Thank you Nabil Dirar, Thank you Mehdi Benattia, Thank you Fayçal Fajr, Thank you Achraf Hakimi, Thank you Ayoub El Kaabi, Thank you Younes belhanda, Thank you Manuel Da Costa, Thank you Mbarek Boussoufa, Thank you Aziz bouhaddouz, Thank you Mounir Mouhamadi, Thank you Mehdi Carcela, Thank you Romain Saiss, Thank you Khalid Boutaib ....And all the other ones..._

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BUT the very special thanks is for you coach: cause you are the one who cried and sacrified all for Morocco as it's your nation which is not the case (our coach is french), Thank you Hervé Renard we don't regret giving you our confidence and trust.

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Hervé Renard our coach

You have been a real LIONS ...*THE LIONS OF ATLAS*: for the first time I feel that our players can proudly take this nickname.
If we leave this competition, we leave it the HEAD very high. And even if I'm sad it's because we was supposed to continue and not to stop here, but we can said that chance wasn't in our side, and not because the players didn't give all them effort they played very well and represented Morocco correctly
Another beautiful game with La Roja (Spain) and I will be the proudest mom to tell my children in future about this beautifull achievement you accomplished as my parents did with me.

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الكورة حنا موالها

Update: The match with Spain ended with 2-2

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