Hi Hearters,

First off, I wanted to say Thank you! I cant believe how well you all have responded to my last few post and especially to my Summer Board as well as my Autumn Board. You are all too kind, I love that my boards are a place of inspiration for y'all.

I wanted to write a short, but very powerful post in relation to making your goals and achiving them. If you like this article don't forget to check out my blog where I write all about Personal Development and ways to achieve your goals.

[Have a dreams board]

Call it what you want, Dream board or Vision Board etc. It all says the same thing. In order to manifest those things that we want from life like a healthy body, great skin, or to travel the world. We need to know were we are heading and what we are trying to achieve in life. Especially when we can lose sight of things when they are caught up in the daily routine of school, jobs, family and friends.

Because essentially don't we all come to WeHeartIt to be inspired. I know I do! Here is a vision board for inspiration.

apple, room, and desk image
room image