Riverdale is one of my three fav shows. And just like me a lot of people love it. I finished, like many of the fans, both of the seasons and I'm waiting really unpatiently for the next one to come out in October. Since I love it so much and am sadned by the fact it's over for now, I thought I'd do a riverdale tag.

If you haven't watched both the seasons I have to warn you for spoilers !!

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Favorite character?

I have multiple, I mean, how can I only choose one ?! My favorites are Cheryl, Jughead, Kevin & Tony. If I really have to choose an ultimate favorite it has to be.... Cheryl, I think.

Favorite couple?

This is so hard, but it gotta be Choni. I also reaaaaly love Bughaed though.

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Favorite friendship?

I've loved the Cheryl/Betty interactions since they met. I've wanted them to be friends since that moment, hehe. When I found out they are actually cousins I was so happy! Not really sure if you can call it a friendship, so if not, I hope they become friends. Also, the Betty/Kevin friendship deserves more screentime.

Favorite scene?

I have three favorites. They must be the scene from the first season where Cheryl cracks through the ice and Archie saves her, the scene from the second season where Cheryl turns into Merida and shoots the black hood with her bow and the one where Cheryl becomes a serpent and gets her red leather jacket from Jughead. Iconic!!!

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Favorite villain?

Chic, maaaaaannn. I love Hart and he's such a great actor for portraying Chic so incredibly good! I really hope Chic isn't dead and comes back in the third season. I must say, Hiram would be a close second.

Favorite thing about Riverdale in general?

I love this cast so, so much. There's always people I fall in love with when I watch series/movies, but I love almost the whole damn cast of this one. Madelaine Petsch, Hart Denton, Cole Sprouse, Lili Reinhart, Vanessa Morgan, Charles Melton, Cami Mendes, Casey Cott, etc, etc. All of them are so incredible, like WoW.

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If you made it this far, thanks so much for reading. If you love Riverdale as well, be sure to check out my Riverdale and Cole collections!🖤