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Bay Laurel Leaf essential oil is derived from the Bay Laurel tree (daphne), which is also botanically known as Laurus nobilis, through a process of steam distillation. In this article, I will mainly focus on its beauty uses, all of which have been useful to me.

Treatment for hair

Daphne oil is considered a great remedy for hair loss. Bay laurel leaf oil is also thought to be a good tonic for the hair, as it brightens them, it boosts hair growth and prevents excessive hair loss. Because it is also an astringent, it helps to tighten the grip of the hair follicles and the hair roots, thus preventing loss of hair. It helps to moisturize the scalp too, thus preventing dandruff and flaky scalp. As such, your hair will look much healthier and your scalp’s health will be drastically improved.
Particularly, daphne oil is really nutrinional, it has softening and moisturizing qualities and therefore, it helps hair's thickness, since it contains antioxides, fatty acids and vitamin A and E. Lastly, it can minimaze the damage due to heat and hair dye.

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  • Things to remember

Laurel oil will darken your hair! So if you don't want that result, try to avoid using it.

  • How to use it

*Always apply daphne oil to dry hair.
*If your hair remain oily after you wash it thoroughly and do your typical hair routine, remember the next time to apply shampoo to dry hair before you wash the oil off.
*Use laurel oil once a week.

1. Apply the necessary amount of oil for your hair lengh to your hands and start massaging your scalp. After you apply it to all your hair, clip them up. You can wash your hair after 30 minutes (at least).

2. Following the same steps, wrap your hair with a towel after you apply the daphne oil. You can leave it on your hair for a few hours or even the entire night.

Face and Body

1. Bay Laurel oil is really helpful to people with dry skin. You can use it to your body and your face to prevent or ease dryness. You can even use it if you have oily skin to moisture your skin.

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2. Its, also, useful for areas with acne and blackheads, since it clears your skin. You can apply daphne oil to these areas 2 times a week.

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3. Futhermore, it's helpful to those girls and boys who prefere wax over razors for shaving. This use prevents dryness, burns and redness.

Eyebrows and eyelashes

Laurel oil can help in making thicker and longer your eyelashes and eyebrows. Use a clean mascara brush to apply the oil to these areas. You can also make a mixture of laurel oil, castor oil and almond oil, because all of these oils can be used for that purpose.

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Other uses

  • Colds and flu

Bay Laurel is an antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral expectorant. Diffusing the oil in times of sickness in the home can help during the cold and flu season.

  • Mood

In stressful times, inhaling bay laurel oil can help calm nervousness and mood swings.

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Bay Layrel oil is a magical essential oil, even though it is not popular. I hope my article helped you in every way possible! Thank you for your time!