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I know its difficult to fully love oneself; but self loving is a process and takes time just as working out, studying and reading a book. When you pick you read a book, from the first page you get introduced to the characters, similarly you should get a page or a journal,even better.and with considering, write the things you like about yourself and things that you are interested in. This encourages
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Advice from KIM NAMJOON
For the people that don't know, Kim Namjoon is from a boy band called BTS. A great project that they have undertaken is the "LOVE YOURSELF SERIES" where they try to promote self love through their songs and also try to love themselves in the process. During an interview, he said that hes also trying to love himself and he did some research on how to do that and he shared the advice to his fans. One great things that promotes self love is watching yourself grow. Whether it be through the gym, economically or spiritually. Growth shows change and change shows perseverance.

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