Love myslef it's been the hardest thing in my life and keep on lovin me it's even harder. But right now, I'm proud of saying that I like myself, that a love every single thing about myself and that nobody will let make me change my mind. So here's some advice for you:

Nobody's perfect

You have to remeber that. Everyone's pimples, stretch marks, redness and problems with their figure, even top models.

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Internet isn't reality

On the Internet everyone looks better, some girls might even look 'perfect' but this isn't reality. A lot of things effect photos: the lighting, photoshop and makeup so don't compare yourself to photos off models.

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Don't care

Don't let nobody takes you down. Don't listen to the stupid insults that others tell you, you are beautiful. Act like if you're really confident so other people will treat you better.

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Take time

Take some time for yourself. Do what you like. I really enjoy having a bath, doing some face masks (ask me if you want some DIYs), listening to music and writing about myself

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What you want

Do what you want, have goal, dream. Wear things that make you feel good and rembember: if you think you're beautfiul so will do others.

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Thank you for watching.