Hello my loves I am ire I hope you are super well and today what I want is to talk about series because I know that everyone loves series.

➳➳So today I'm going to talk about my favorite series or the series that I'm watching right now if I like it or not.

① Gossip Girl
Right now I'm watching this series the gossip girl and I go for the second season the truth is I love it has something that I do not know what it is that hooks me very much and I recommend it to see all.
A group of friends who live in New York and who have difficulties in their lives.
And the gossip girl that we do not know who you are you are to publish it all over the Internet
has six seasons and I see it on Netflix

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② Pretty Little Liars
Many many will know this series but I can not stop to stop recommending it.
You know it's seven seasons which are five girls one dies and the whole series goes over this plot more or less.
chapter leaves a character that is anonymous called A who harasses the girls during the 7 seasons and really do not go to tire of him or her, because you do not know who is. On Netflix too

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③Santa Clarita Diet
It does not have so much drama it's a comedy series and it goes about a family.
He is a zombie and needs to eat human flesh in order to continue living.
You laugh from the first minute.On Netflix

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④Jane the Virgin
That this series is a bit strange but at the same time fun and it is very good to see with friends.
A girl who is Christian and is very frowned upon in her family who has sex before marriage.
And by mistake that I will not tell you what you have to see, you get pregnant and that's where the whole story starts.On Netflix too

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It is the typical series of adolescents which is a group of boys who live in a town called Riverdale and is classified by social classes: those of the south and those of the north.
There are discussions there are romances of all you have to see.
It starts with the murder of the popular boy of the institute.

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