Hello my dudes, i wanted to write this for a long time, and finally here it is, some of the tunes that i've been really excited about.


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This is probably my favourite album on the list (probably my favourite release of the year so far) just because it's so fresh and experimental. The reality of a outer space hotel that Turner created it's amazing and so reflective of the reality that we have currently in. The tecnology, the political mess, social relationtips, it's all between the lyrics of this album, plus a lot of "science fiction" (pun intended) and pop culture references that make the listening experience so rich. It was a bit controvertial in the fanbase and yes, it's really similar with the puppets last album, but personaly, i think it's really good and worth listening. God, i could write about this masterpiece all day long, but maybe we could leave this for another article.//Favs: One point perspective, the ultracheese//


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This is actually a new release but i've been listening to Brendon's new album a lot since it came out. It's really pop and vibrant, full of high notes that Beebo slays on, and with a new broadway vibe that makes the songs really interesting. The lyrics are mostly happy, not that deep, but it's really easy to listen to and enjoy some bops. //Favs: roaring 20's and one of the drunks//


5sos, youngblood, and 5 seconds of summer image Lyrics, youngblood, and ghost of you image

This is actually the first time that i've listen to a whole 5 seconds of summer album and IT'S GOOD. (thanks to coll is cool) Again, such as the new Panic!'s album, youngblood it's really pop, but with a unique sounding at every new tune, witch proofs a kind of versatile and quality that i really enjoyed. Easy to listen to, really good bops, i'm definily gonna hear their next works. //favs: Valentine, talk fast//


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"I never loved you fully in the way I could I fought the current running just the way you would And now I'm in the creek And it's getting harder I'm like falling water"

I've been listening to Maggie's music for a while, and finally she released fallingwater, her newest song. She deserves all the fame for her amazing talent, everytjing she does is just so genuine and amazing. Fallingwater is pure poetry about relieve, freedom, but also pain. The musicvideo it's also an incredible visual representation of all those feelings. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bR1d8l92Q8Q)

I'm really gratefull for all this art, and excited for new music coming this year. Thanks for reading, and read my other stuff if you want to: