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hello, i'm sana! i'm a cancer, love the creative arts, kpop, and tons more. i really just want to keep this intro short and i know it’s really terrible . . but, let’s get started with the article!

fashion essentials


fashion, grunge, and girl image

combat boots

black, boots, and grunge image alternative, arctic monkeys, and clothes image

doc martens

grunge, jeans, and book image book, grunge, and aesthetic image black, boots, and shoes image black, grunge, and boots image

black skinny jeans

black, grunge, and pale image grunge, pale, and black image

studded boots

shoes, black, and heels image

"ripped" denim shorts

denim, outfit, and tatted image fashion, shorts, and summer image

faux leather jacket

fashion, style, and outfit image girl, fashion, and grunge image

crop tops

fashion, black, and outfit image


grunge, choker, and black image grunge, moon, and necklace image

plaid shirts

fashion and goals image fashion, grunge, and outfit image

concert/band tees

fashion, style, and outfit image the 1975, arctic monkeys, and grunge image fashion, rock, and style image arctic monkeys, grunge, and style image


girl, ulzzang, and asian image


vans, style, and jeans image tumblr, vans, and grunge image

denim jackets

grunge, tumblr, and style image stranger things, grunge, and style image

ripped denim jeans

converse, black, and jeans image fashion, style, and outfit image

oversized tees

fashion, outfit, and grunge image

black & gray tones in clothing

fashion and style image puma, black, and shoes image

leggings/tights (see-through)

aesthetic, best friends, and hipster image shoes, legs, and beach image

faux leather skirts

fashion, black, and style image fashion, black, and grunge image

faux leather shorts

fashion, black, and outfit image

chuck taylors; converse

aesthetic, converse, and tumblr image tumblr, girl, and beauty image

outfit inspo

fashion, girl, and style image outfit, fashion, and style image fashion, ulzzang, and asian image grunge, black, and fashion image grunge, black, and alternative image fashion, black, and grunge image fashion, outfit, and grunge image fashion, girl, and kfashion image fashion, naeun, and apink‬ image fashion, grunge, and clothes image

fashion icons

hate, grunge, and quotes image drew barrymore, 90s, and grunge image
drew barrymore
winona ryder, 90s, and grunge image winona ryder, 90s, and actress image
winona ryder
halsey, badlands, and Queen image halsey, red, and aesthetic image
cara delevingne, model, and cara image cara delevingne, model, and cara image
cara delevingne

beauty & hair

space buns

girl, hair, and grunge image girl, tumblr, and alien image

messy hair

olsen, hair, and mary-kate olsen image

dark lips

aesthetic, alternative, and beautiful image lipstick, mac, and makeup image black, lipstick, and mac image red, lips, and makeup image

smoky eyes

makeup, make up, and eye image makeup, beauty, and eyeshadow image

bushy brows

cat eye, delineador, and detail image girl, freckles, and beauty image
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