Name: Rani Bennett

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Ethnicity: half African-American and half Indian

Bonnie's cousin, Jeremy's best friend. Went through the 'witch' experience with Bonnie. Joins the team because of her powers, Bonnie tries to keep her out of harms way, Bonnie acts as a older sister role-model to her. She figures out ways to utilize her powers and retrieve energy from her surroundings, uses science to help her figure out witchcraft, she comes in handy when danger arrives. She annoys Damon because she wants to figure out the exact biological processes of supernatural beings, but, they learn to get along. She gets distracted sometimes thinking about the way things work, she is often seen staring into space, contemplating how the weird world around her works. She provides the scientific explanation for supernatural occurrences.

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wavy, dark hair. mocha skin. dark, brown eyes. height: 5' 4"

Supernatural Being: Witch

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Family: Related to the Bennett witches

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Bonnie's cousin


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best friends with Jeremy. friends with Elena, Bonnie, Caroline, Stefan, etc.

Lover(s): Hasn't had a serious relationship, she has commitment issues because she doesn't want to drag anyone into the dangers of her life. She's almost married to her work, trying to figure out what her powers can do and how they work. She does hook up with some of the guys and girls ;).


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Personality: Smart, loyal, brave, funny, curious and persistent.

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problem solver, she's good at investigating and digging out clues.

- Science
- Swimming
- Reading

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- Tree Bees