♡ Hey!!! I'm back and I wanted to share with you some of my favorite YouTubers :)

I really only watch beauty, hair, makeup and some lifestyle videos. So, I wanted to share because I know a lot of people here on WeHeartIt enjoy the same things!

In no particular order, here are some of my favorites:


curls, hair, and youtube image beauty, glasses, and alexandrasgirlytalk image
She does lots of fashion hacks, makeup videos, hair tutorials and routine videos. Her voice is so calming, too!!!

♡Nyma Tang

beauty, makeup, and woc image beauty, love, and makeup image
She is so gorgeous and her makeup is incredible. She's known for her series called "the darkest shade." I never get bored watching her videos!!

♡Stephi Lee

dreadlocks, dreads, and forest image stephi lee image
I love Stephi, she is a super incredible and strong person. She does lots of travel and lifestyle videos. She is an inspiration :)

♡Nathalie Paris

hair, nathalie, and paris image girl, makeup, and beauty image
I've been watching Nathalie for about three years now, and I'm obsessed with her style. She is such a sweetheart and posts tons of beauty videos!

♡Hannah Blair

Image removed girl, blonde, and hair image
Hannah is literally the cutest person ever and I love her videos and personality. She's one of those YouTubers that you watch all of their videos at once, then watch all of them again!!

♡Amber Scholl

black, fashion, and amber scholl image fashion, girl, and luxury image
Amber is such a QUEEN. She is so extra and her videos are the best!!! I adore her personality and she is so gorgeous. If you regularly watch YouTube, you've probably seen one of her videos :)

Thank you so much for reading my article!!! Part two coming soon ;) I hope you have a great day and check out these YouTubers!

-Allie xoxo