I´ve been thinking the last couple of weeks. I deleted all of my social media off my phone for a while except WhatsApp so i can communicate with family and friends. I realised that Social Media is consuming so much of the time, I could be doing other things in. More productive things. I realised that there are things I want to do more of.

book, vintage, and writing image
1. I want to write more. I love creating stories. I am in the middle of writing a book or a story and I feel like there is so much more I could write if I wasn´t on my phone all day. Yes sometimes I blank but I feel like ther are times where I don´t eben try. For months. I need to change that. So I want to WRITE more.
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2. Kind of going w/ 1. I want to read more. When I was younger I used to read sooooo many books and I kind of lost that, which I think is really sad. And it doesn´t matter if it is the Bible(I should be reading my bible a lot more!) or a novel. I want to READ more.
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3.When I was about 6 I started with ballt and did that for wuite a while. Then I stopped and started with Hip-Hop lessons. I had to stop for multiple reasons but I really miss going to dance lessons, moving around and learning new moves and routines. Ishould probably just start teaching myself but that fo sure is one thing I want to do more of: DANCE.
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4. I have a YouTube channel and I love doing it. I want to be more productive when it comes to making videos. When I am not on my phone I culd be thinking of video ideas, how to film and where. I could be learning new editing tricks (love editing!). It forces me to take time out of my day to think and maybe even go out to film. So I want to CREATE more.
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5. Because I was on social media alot, I didn´t really go out and enjoy nature. I should we walking outside. Feeling th sunshine, her birds sing. Get out of breath from walking up stairs. Enjoy beautiful view and just enjoy God´s creation. Because if you really think about it: It is truly beautiful, The sky, the flowers, the birds, And sometimes even the people. I want to GO OUT more.
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6. I want to do more for Uni. I know I have more potential. I am just not motivated enough. My grades are good but I know that they could be better so, I want to do more for UNI.