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i love mom jeans, white shoes and simple oversized shirts, preferably with stripes and thicc jackets. i used to always wear skinny jeans but they became so uncomfortable;; i dont have many clothes, and i only wear bras to school, i said bye to tight uncomfy shit a few months ago hehe


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i love to draw, listen to and find new music, look up things about space, sleep, and read. though i used to read more as a child, now i mainly read ff whoops. i also write poetry from time to time, but im not good at it, and im often on pinterest searching for some lq and hq bts pics and fanart


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im in love with red.


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i love cats and dogs! doggos are friends and cats are queens.


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namjoon is my biggest idol, i relate to his struggles, i love his fashion and his songs. i love him so so so much, hes such a great person. he made me happy so many times, his music was with me when i cried and when i was happy. im so fucking thankful to know about his existence and, again, love him so much i wanna give him a big phat hug. i aspire to be like him. yoongi is also a big ass inspiration for me, he, too, is a great guy and i love him very damn much.


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i love post malone and bts, and i really like crush's music! when it comes to art, i love for__infinity, rapsucka, yoomint, meu.baba, anc_kaz & hobicannoli on ig


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i struggle to talk to people face to face since i'm very shy, and its very hard for me to say no to anything. i get crushes super easily, i love men LMAOOO. i'm sad most of the time, i'm not depressed tho.. i'm an antisocial mess really. but i'd love to have more friends TT. i'm nobodys favorite friend and get ignored if i dont text first. i'm full of love for everyone, but nobody appreciates me;; i love the rain, food, the nighttime, the dawn and the sea.

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thank you (ꈍᴗꈍ)ε`*)
for reading this, i hope you like it, even though this is nothing special.


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