Hello again, it seems. And now I am here with a quite intriguing and curious task for myself. I am going to pass this challenge, day by day, because I intend to improve my writing skills in English, beginning from today. I was delightfully inspired by an idea for this challenge. All my gratitude going to the its author.

✧︎ DAY ONE: Write your summer bucket list ✦︎

• pass all my exams;

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The first month of summer is going to end, and my bucket list making himself only by now. Alright, it is pretty ordinary to me, so, I would continue writing my comment to this small paragraph. I failed passing my two exams, which both of them were considered by me meaningful elements to achieve a necessary goal for myself. However, two another exams I passed perfectly, and, at this point, I am pleased with myself and with the result of my self-confidence. Though one last of them all left to pass. So it would be an appropriate decision to remind myself about accessible existence of the first paragraph.

• visit my favorite bookstore;

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I waited this opportunity for about two years and a few long months, since my last visit to the bookstore. As soon as I manage to save the right amount of money, I will be there in time and buy some books from my wish-list. It is still my main dream, though, of two years and, as I say in the beginning, a few months.

• meet my precious soulmate from the internet.

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To be honest, especially with myself, I was not expecting that our companionship will once outgrow itself into a much stronger friendship with mutual preferences in music and absolute understanding each other's needs. She confessed to me one day, after some time spending in each other's company through social network, that we are, first of all, from one country and, which most importantly, city; secondly, she shared with me her private feelings and classified thoughts, that she did not trust with her other friends. I was in the state of pure and clear shock readable on my face. And, from more than three months, we decided to meet each other someday in the acceptable, for both of as, place, when there will be a free day for our long-hoped-for meeting. More precisely, in July.

Therefore, that was all I wanted to say. I have no more plans for this summer, and, according to my calculations, it is enough for me and for the last two months of summer. I wish I could fully rest from exams and studying, because I am in need for some days off, at least, until September.

Thank you for your attention.
― Alex;