Name: Franny
Age: 18
Birthday: August 31 (Virgo)
I would be a private celebrity, I wouldn't put my business out there a lot. Overall, I would be a very chill and funny person.

What would you be famous for?

fashion, dress, and model image jasmine tookes, angel, and Victoria's Secret image designer, draw, and dress image beauty fashion girl, lovely like dress, and gorgeous model art image
Mature image
A Model, Fashion Designer , and Actor


gorgeous, photoshoot, and makeup image clothing, fashion, and squares image
Designer of the Year , Model of the Year, Best Female Screen Actor , Choice TV Actor , and Teen Choice for Drama Series.


Image removed style, curls, and curly hair image Mature image beautiful, make up, and photography image
gif image
Curly hair, bright brown skin ,slim body , and strong jawline. (This how I look fr)

Who are you dating?

dress, hot guys, and site model icons image couple, love, and boy image Image by ℳᎯℐᎯ couple, love, and Relationship image
Jay Humroy; He's my long time best friend, his soo supportive of me and we just laugh all day.

What would be your Go-To style?

fashion, nails, and jeans image bag image fashion, red, and style image fashion, outfit, and style image
Pretty casual but cute and stylish.

Style: To Movie Premiere

aesthetic, Hot, and art image brand, fashion, and gold image bangs, beauty, and melanin image fashion, necklace, and style image
fashion, gif, and dress image

For Movie premieres or Victoria Secret red carpet events I'll wear something Flashy and Gorgeous.

Style: Interviews

beautiful, fashion, and flowers image bandage, brunette, and casual image beauty and hair image neck and pescoço image
For Interviews I'll wear something business casual or a jumpsuit.

Style: Golden Globes

dress, fashion, and yellow image heels, yellow, and white nails image hair, beauty, and hairstyle image beauty, hair, and highlight image
Most likely no one will wear yellow, so I want to be different and beautiful . I will flat iron and trim my hair this night.

Style: Grammy's

chic, city streets, and Couture image beautiful, girls, and glam image Image removed Image by 𝖆𝖓𝖌𝖊𝖑💫
This is a cute and glamorous look, I will definitely be the center of attention this night. Of course I will bring out the curls and put them in a nice ponytail.

Style: Oscars

fashion, dress, and black image fashion, shoes, and heels image girl, makeup, and lipstick image Image by Layia 🦋💰✨
Something Sexy for the Oscars with a Slick ponytail to bring elegance.

Style: MET Gala

dress, red, and fashion image nails image makeup and art image goals and hair goals image
Something Elegant and Glamorous while still having my natural curls in the mix.

Style: To Travel

adidas, beige, and pink image Image removed
This will be the chill type of look, when I'm traveling I want to be comfortable with no makeup.

Style: Beach/Pool

Image by 愛 beauty, model, and view image pretty girl, tumblr inspo, and perfect goals image hailey baldwin, model, and bikini image
Cute and pretty

Style: Teen Choice Awards

girl, fashion, and hair image fashion, style, and outfit image outfit and ootd image fashion, outfit, and style image
I don't take teen choice fashion that serious, it's one of those award shows were you can just put anything you want without a stylist.

Style: At Home

comfy, luxury, and fashion image Beautiful Girls, pretty girls, and ig baddie image
At home I throw anything on, forget paparazzi.

Who are your Friends?

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Zendaya, Alessia Cara, Justin Bieber , Madison Beer, Lais and Jasmine, Fifth Harmony, Sabrina Carpenter , and Gigi Hadid.

Where Do You Live?

home, house, and luxury image house, luxury, and pool image house, home, and luxury image girl, pool, and house image
I have a home in California and another one in Florida.

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