I know that it only has one season just yet, but I think that this is the best remake. I think it deserves a tag as well. Nothing can be as good as the original Skam but this one turned out pretty good. I'll probably update it when the other seasons come out.

Favorite Squad

girl, girl power, and girls image
The girl squad

Favorite female characters

Mature image girl, skam, and web series image eva brighi, eleonora sava, and friendship image eva, skam, and eleonora image
Eleonora and Eva. And their friendship is my favorite.

Favorite male characters

giovanni, skam, and skam italia image aesthetic, boys, and gif image
Gio, Edoardo and Federico

Favorite couple

break up, couple, and kitchen image skam, skam italia, and william image
I didn't like Eva and Jonas in the first season but I think that Gio and Eva are meant to be together. I know that they're not together just yet but they have a great chemistry.

Charachter I hated at first

funny, cute, and skam italia image
It's Martino. And I really really hope that it'll change.

Most stylish characters

skam italia and eleonora sava image pretty, greta ragusa, and silvia mirabella image
Eleonora and Silvia