Hello, beauties! For this article i decided to give you some goals for the summer.

  • Stay hydrated
water, drink, and vintage image voss, fruit, and water image
  • Work out at least twice a week
beach, sun, and underwear image fashion, friends, and girls image
  • Read more
book, dior, and magazine image chic image
  • Relax
Image by ♡ summer, pool, and beach image
  • Try a new hobby or learn a new language
art, painting, and ocean image college and study image
  • Try to make your own DIY beauty product
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  • Sleep more
beautiful, beauty, and design image girl, bed, and hair image
  • Go to the beach and get a tan
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  • Eat lots of fruit and veggies
fruit image fruit, food, and healthy image
  • Try to plant something
plants, cactus, and white image inspiration and plants image
  • Have fun
summer, girl, and beach image summer, friends, and girl image

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Until next time.

Love, Hellen