Aim for the moon,set your hopes high,even if you miss you will end up between the stars.

A few weeks ago Panic! at the disco came out with an amazing new song ,from their new album (Pray for the wicked), called HIGH HOPES!!!

Their lyrics remind me,that many people including myself, never aim high enough because we are afraid of failing and not just that, but also looking bad to others that succeed or not, just because we don't want to get critisized.

This way of thinking creates a lot of stress and a lot of pressure.Therefore most of the times we can't reach our goals, and we end up failing.

We are so afraid of failing, of feeling like we didn't try enough or maybe we don't even deserve to succeed. So in some way we cause our own failure.

I know, removing the stress is easier being said than done.I know, i've been through that multiple times. I've given exams for different stuff many times and i always had the same anxiety.Recently, i gave some very important exams in order to get in to the school that i want, and let me tell you that the previous nights i could not sleep [i had to give exams for 4 different subjects, in 4 different days (Friday ,Monday, Wednesday, Friday)]

Remember that it doesn't matter who you are or what you 've been through.It doesn't matter if your family situation is not good or if you don't have money.Doesn't matter if you are famous or not , it doesn't matter if you have failed before. EVERYONE CAN SET THEIR HOPES HIGH , EVERYONE CAN TRY AND WORK FOR WHAT THEY WANT!!!

Of course ,don't wait for success to just come knock on your door and give you everything you want. You have to work really hard for the things that really matter.Because only if you work hard enough and try for what you want, there will be many chances to actually get it.

My opinion is to set your dreams as high as you want, set the goals that you want,don't let others opinions get in the way of what you want. When you try for what you want is most likely to actually get it.Last but not least, the fails you might have expirienced before doesn't determinate your future,only you can create it.


Set you hopes high,trust your self and don't be afraid to fail. And if you fail,get up and try again!!!