If I was a character in Riverdale:

Name: Dawn Penthouse
Age: 18


girl, beauty, and hair image piercing, smile, and lips image tattoo, tree, and winter image girl, water, and ocean image


fashion, outfit, and style image fashion, outfit, and style image fashion, style, and outfit image fashion image

Activities and interests:

riverdale, cheryl blossom, and cheerleader image Betty, blue, and gold image art, paint, and painting image book, hippie, and necklace image


actor, funny face, and gif image kiss, liebe, and boyandgirl image couple, love, and hands image riverdale, cole sprouse, and charles melton image

Best Friends:

riverdale, cheryl blossom, and madelaine petsch image gif, riverdale, and vanessa morgan image fangs, gif, and riverdale image kevin, keller, and riverdale image

My home:

house, luxury, and home image dream house and pool image room, bedroom, and bed image closet, home, and clothes image

My order at Pop´s:

food, burger, and hamburger image food, fries, and delicious image coffee, food, and croissant image chocolate, food, and ice cream image