After the reveal

Adrien suggest they should go to the Bakery Dupain-Cheng, Marinette smile saying it was a great idea. In the bakery they spent a great time, they talk, laugh, and eat. Until Adrien have to go, his bodyguard was waiting for him outside.
He stand up, hugging Marinette "I have to go" he whisper.
"I know" she said hugging Adrien tighter. Marinette realize it was raining outside.
"Wait Adrien," she said letting go his grip "it`s raining." and saying this she hurry up to her room. When she get back she have something familiar in her hands.
"You still have it!" he gasp blushing a little.
"Yeah, well it`s time to give it back." she said handing the umbrella to Adrien.
He walk toward the door, "See you tomorrow My Lady." and with that he open the umbrella and went outside.
"See you tomorrow Chat." she whsiper turning off the lights of the bakery.

- Jml4gos

miraculous ladybug, adrien agreste, and marinette dupain-cheng image
Umbrella scene//credit to the artist