Hello everyone,

I decided to talk about my experience with social anxiety. I never though I'll be fine one day but I really overcame !

I was suffering from social anxiety for long years. My anxiety was on the roof. I couldn't go out alone at all.I remember I was scared to go to store and pay because I always thought they will look at my hands shaking. I was always blushing. Sometimes I couldn't even go to school. I puked from stress in the morning and I was keep crying. My family never understood whats happening with me,mom was always screaming "don't act stupid,how it is possible you are scared of people?!"
They couldn't understand I'm not going out or not going to work because I'm scared,not because I'm lasy or I don't want to. I lost my friends in high school. Noone talked with me after a while and I always wished to be like them. I felt like they don't have problems,they are so confident they are telling their opinion. And me..."I cannot tell my opinion beause they will judge me or think I'm stupid"

After years (keep trying everything to be better and get over my panic attacks) I kinda lost hope I will ever be like "normal" people. I did my best to make myself calm with different way but I couldn't. I was all the time stressed.

So from a year I found a terapist online by luck. I found hard way to talk about my problems. And I live in a small town so I couldn't have a good tearpist. So I decided to text her about my problems. She was so nice and she said we don't have to meet up we can connect on skype or whatsapp. I was so happy because I really felt comfortable talking to her. And she's not a simple terapist. She was suffering from social anxiety and CPTSD for long time and after she's been "fixed" she decided to graduate as psychoterapist to help everyone who don't beleive they can have normal life. She helped me soooo much!
And I'm so thankful.
So I just wish to help you all who's suffering from anxiety. I know it's hell and I know how hard it is to believe you will ever be fine.
So if you have any question or you just want to talk feel free to send me private message. I'm thinking to write some article sharing some of the things it helped me with my anxiety. So If you are interested follow me and check it.
And if you are interested about my terapist I truely recommend her!
Thank you for reading this!