today it´s time for another Riverdale inspired makeup look. Check out my other articles of this series!

So now it`s time for..

Veronica Lodge

The brazilian Beauty knows how to get everything her heart desires...

1. Foundation
Veronica wears a light coverage foundation to show of her natural skin tone.

beauty, cosmetics, and cushion image veronica lodge image
Maybe she would use a cushion foundation

2. Bronzer
Of course she would use a bronzer to emphasize her natural bronzed skin.

makeup, beauty, and cosmetics image sophisticated, v, and riverdale image
She also likes to put some bronzer on her eyelids instead of eyeshadow

3. Highlighter
I`m sure this is a must for her to add some glow to her makeup.

makeup, beauty, and cosmetics image makeup, beauty, and gold image
She would use a golden highlighter

4. Eyebrows
This step is so important for her signature look. She has naturally gorgeous eyebrows, which she fills in with a dark eyebrow gel.

brand, favourite, and fleek image camila mendes and riverdale image
The perfect product for her would be the Anastasia Beverly Hills Eyebrow Dip Pomade

5. Mascara and Eyeliner
Veronica wears only sometimes mascara because her lashes are naturally dark. And for bigger events she would also wear winged eyeliner, but for her everyday makeup look she just wears a thin line close to her lashline.

makeup and beauty image aesthetic, riverdale, and veronica lodge image

6. Lipstick
For her lips she uses a dark mauve coloured lipstick.

Queen and veronica lodge image lipstick, makeup, and beauty image
And sometimes she even wears a dark red

I don`t follow rules, I make them. And when necessary, I break them!

Hope you enjoyed this article!
Xo, Sophie