hey to whoever is reading this. I thought I would write an article with my favorite youtubers I have atm. My taste changes a lot over time, so I might do a new one later if I have a bunch of different favorites then. I didn`t really watch youtube a month ago to be honest, but I was an addict last autumn/fall. So here is a list of my favorite youtubers I have developed over the past weeks.

Summer Mckeen
absolutely LOVE her! Her vibe is just wow! I also have a lot in common with her too.

Madelaine Petsch
like hello, what are you doing with your life if you`re not subscribed to her channel?! she shares everything from behind the scenes of Riverdale, Q&As, boyfriend videos to cooking with other celebs! Go subscribe rn!

Eva Gutowski (aka MyLifeAsEva)
loved her since 2015 I think...such a good person and so goofy, and her life is inspirational af!

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Shay Mitchell
(from Pretty Little Liars)
I love her travel videos (aka Shaycation)

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Adelaine Morin
I`m more into her vlogs tbh, so her vlogchannel :)) Her energy is everything! Wish I had her energy... And also she`s Canadian, and I love Canada!

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Niki DeMar
she has just started a show where she visits youtubers' places, she sits down with them, gets real, and has a super raw candid conversation about things they’re dealing with behind the camera. This show is bringing that wall down, bringing you closer to your favorite youtubers, and spreading awareness to important topics not discussed enough.

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Andrea Russett
what`s not to love? Love her too!

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Ava Jules
she seems so sweet, have not seen so many of her videos yet tho...

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xx Coco

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