Did you ever meet somebody who got you like:
“Hey, I’d love to run away with you and spent the rest of my life tramping through the world with you. Just the two of us, lost under the world’s most beautiful skies.
I’d love to discover all the mysterious places this planet has to offer, only with you.
And one day, when we’re old, we’ll have a little cabin, near a town without a skyline, and we’ll look back on a life filled with the purest form of love and joy. We would spend evenings around the campfire, reading through our travel-journals.
And one day, when we’ve reached a high age, we’d greet death with the realest smiles you can find in this world of mask wearing humans.”

inspired by the song:
Runaways - All time low
break down, edge, and free image alone, escape, and excitement image