Hey! Today I want to write about a really important issue: girl love♡ as Lilly Sing aka Superwoman (God bless her) says.

First thing everyone needs to know is that girls, once united, can do anything.

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And this exactly is the reason why women are incited aginst each other. For some reason, people (many girls included) don't want girls to unite. We girls are in a constant competition! Who is prettier? Who has more Insta followers? Who is smarter?

This is where my story starts:
A couple of years ago there was this girl in my class. Although I did not know why at that time I hated her. I gossiped so much about her telling people what a horrible person she was and she probably did the same behind my back, too.
But why did we do that? I know why I did it: She had good grades, boys liked her, her clothes fitted her nicely and I had insecurities about myself. And instead of trying to fix my problems I wanted to make her insecure and miserable, too.
As I grew older though I started understanding that my problems are my problems and I can't solve them by projecting them on her. I stopped gossiping and I got along with her and I saw what a beautiful person she was! She made me laugh, I could talk to her and she enriched my life. The best thing, however, was the support we gave each other. There were many incidents were girls and guys thought they could bring us down. She is a skinny girl and people often commented on her body saying that she should eat. Guys made jokes about her being flat chested even though they liked her. It hurt her and I shut those people down because hey girl love! When people commented on my cultural background she gave me the same support.

The point I'm trying to make is that girls and women should stop commenting on each other's bodies and what they wear and stop judging each other. Why should I tell a girl to take of her hijab if that's what she's most comfortable in? Why should I tell a girl that her hot pants are too short if she feels like a Queen in them? There is no reason for that, right?
So please, my fellow ladies, stop this competition and stand strong together! There is still so much injustice against women and lots of times women themselves are a cause of it. Together we can make this world a better place for women AND men. Because the saying goes: Be the change you want to see in the world.

Lots and lots of love♡