Hi this is my first article on WHI , I wanted to be perfect so I did it over and over ... but hey let's make it simple...
Here's some facts about me


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My full name is Djenabou-Fatoumata , I am named after my grandma (Fatoumata ) and my mother ( Djenabou) . Ppl call me Fatoumata or Fatou


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I am born in 2001 , April 23rd . A lil math for u 2018-2001 = .......................17 !!!


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I am born in France and live next to the city of Lille , I've been there all my life . It is a northern city which has its northern accent which I am guilty to have .


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I live with my mom and my 6 sibling . We are 9 children in my family , 7 sisters and 2 brothers . I am the third of this mess . Yes I know "It must be fun " they say .No , it's not , most of the time we fight each others because we all have different personalities but when we have fun , you can't stop us .


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I don' have that many friends , but I do have those I grew up with . I consider them more like cousins then I have friends from school , but it never last too long . I only get along with one or two I really relate to and can be myself around them .


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I have many hobbies but my main are reading realistics books , to sketch , writing in my journals , , learning languages , sleep and watch tv series , dramas or ghilbli movies


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What I fear is the most is to becomes blind, deaf or mute . Also to have regrets and be unhappy with my life the day I'll die . And I think the biggest one is to lose the ability to walk or run .


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Besides , I hate people who takes advantage of weaker people , mean people, racists and also people who speak about a topic they know nothing about . And cats . Sorry they evil .

Goals and Dreams

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I want to be a teacher in the future because I want to impact some people life . I want to travel around the world , I did start in April and I am ready for more , I aim to able to speak 5-6 languages ( I am on 3 ) and live in Asia for 1 year .

My biggest regret

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To finish here my biggest regret . I was 12 and we went to the theme park , there was a roller-coaster and I was too afraid to do it . And today still I consider it as my biggest regret . I told myself since to always do what I want no matter what even if I am about to pee myself .

Thank you guys , hope you enjoyed .
I felt like I had to do it since I have been on Whi for 4 years . I want you to know who's behind the account so I wish you guys would do , I want to know more about you too .
Bye and remember to stay fresh ~~~~~