Hi guys ! That’s my first article, and I wanted to give you some tips and a playlist for those moments when you’re feeling down, because it can happen during summer as well, even though the sun is shining and holidays are coming. So, let’s go for it!


I don’t know if I’m the only one, but when I’m feeling bad, at first I need to listen to sad songs, so there it goes:

 My immortal -Evanescence
 Repeating Days -R5
 Hallelujah -Jeff Buckley
 Dream on -Aerosmith
 Boulevard of broken dreams -Green Day
 How to save a life -The Fray
 Satellite -Gabbie Hanna
 Out loud -Gabbie hanna
 Ricordu -I Surghjenti
 In my blood -Shawn Mendes
 When you believe -Mariah Carey & Whitney Houston
 Stop crying your heart out -Oasis

And after listening to these songs, I listen to the following ones, to try to feel better:

 Wild hearts -R5
 It’s My Life -Bon Jovi
 Boogie Wonderland -Earth, Wind and Fire
 Gloria Estefan (I don’t know the title but it’s the closing song of Lele Pons videos)
 Most Girls -Hailee Steinfield
 Look At Me -Charlie Puth
 I’m Still Standing -Elton John (but Taron Egerton version is lit too)
 Don’t Look Back In Anger -Oasis
 Run Boy Run -Woodkid

Tips to get better:

Talk with someone, a friend, a member of your family… Or if you’re like me and you can’t talk about those serious things with someone, write it down. You could simply write it down, or if you’re feeling it, you can turn it into a poem or a song. But you shouldn’t keep it inside. Also if you can, go outside and try to free your mind. You always have to remember that it’s a bad day, not a bad life, it can sound stupid or hard to believe, but trust me, everything is going to get better.

Hopefully, I helped some of you.
Sending all my positive vibes, Lau