Are you happy now? 
This is a nice question to be asking yourself, a good question to start with at least. I'm 23 and in my last five years of life I've been asking myself that same question not knowing that I was the only one who would have been able to answer to that question. 

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But that time, those five years, got me realizing that it's not a question we can answer on its own, it's a question that leads to other questions, harder to answer, hard to think of, hard to even connect to happiness. Why? Why wouldn't I be happy? well I guess the only reason why we can't be happy it's because no one ever thought us how to be happy and what leads to happiness. They teach us letters to know how to form words but they don't teach us how to express ourselves. They teach us figures, so we can know how spend and how to panic and feel frustrated when we are broke, never teaching us how to manage that money. They teach us geography but not cultures....and at one point we I actually don't know anything about life, and all I have in my head is how other people lived their life but no one showed me the steps to lead mine. 

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It takes years to understand. but I wanna cut down those years for you because in these years I met lots of you out there, lost like me, with more problems than me, problems that no one thought you how to solve, problems that led you to terrible ways....and it's not something I want you to live with, you don't have to live with it, and it's not something acceptable for precious creatures like you. 

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That's why I'm here, and I decided to lead this blog to show you how through up and downs I was able to find the right steps to find the answer to our happiness. 

I'll be slowly building those stairs, and hopefully you'll figure out how to answer yes to that question, and be 100% sure about it. We surelly have different starting points but if we take all each other by hand we'll be able to go all the way up to a life of happiness, joy, and fulfillment. 

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So will you climb with me? 
I'll be uploading twice a week on story format on aff and wattpad
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so choose the format and platform you prefer, the links are on my profile! 

Just want to remind you that english isn't my first languages so I'll be probably doing a lot of mistakes and I'm really working on it but I still want to apologize. as I want my message to touch as much people as possible, I need to use a globally spoken language. 


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