Hey! So I found out that you like to read more about the #relatable stuff lol, and I decided to write this article about the tips that help me stop procrastinating, and hopefully, it may help you too. So, let's get started.

1. Find what makes you feel inspired and creative.

I know, this probably doesn't sound so helpful, but, finding what makes you feel totally active can help you get rid of the laziness, forget about the bad thoughts and maybe just forget about how much you have to do to how much you are going to do in the next hour or so.

For me, personally, I found out that I really can't get out of bed o start being productive if I'm watching tv or videos; what makes me feel like I want to do a lot of things is listening to music, like it makes me feel like I want to get stuff done, that's what you have to look for. Maybe a podcast can help you focus a lot more, or any kind of videos, tv shows, I don't know, there are a lot of things that you can try.

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2. Give yourself some time of peace before.

Maybe you're just really stressed out about something that just happened, or really tired because you did exercise, so give yourself time to start feeling inspired, I feel like this is really helpful for you to not feel like you have worked all day and get you even more tired. Also, put together everything that you have to do and it what order you're going to accomplish those things.

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3. Organize.

When I talk about organizing, I mean not just your thoughts, but also your workspace, get everything cleaned up, usually, it can also help you feel less overwhelmed. And, if you feel like it's needed, make a list about the things you have to fulfill, so you're not worrying about if you forget to do something or simply to stop thinking about the rest of things you need to get done.

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4. Get every tool you think you will need during the period of work.

For you to stop putting your work away and getting distracted, you will need to get everything you'll use first. Like you're books, computer, water, maybe snacks to lighten your mood lol, pencils, sheets, all of that you'll have to make sure you have it in your workspace before starting to work.

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5. (Last but not least) Give yourself breaks.

You obviously will need to rest every once in a while to stop every overwhelming feeling. Give yourself breaks of 20 minutes or so (less than your time of work: this because your brain is going to get used to the break time and will start again to procrastinate), maybe go on social media, eat something or watch videos.

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And that was all! I hope these tips can help you as much as they help me on a daily basis. Bye!