Hello Earthlings! It's been a while since I have written up an article, that's mainly because I had been stressing myself lately and procrastinating a lot. My birthday is coming up Sunday, June 24th, so I've also been planning out my party. I recently finished Tim JP Collins 5 week course, which I am about to honest, I finished all 5 videos in 10 days. They all were about an hour long, or a little bit longer but It made me learn things. All credit goes to Tim JP Collins throughout his course of making and changing my life with AMAZING tips and things.

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If you put more time and effort into this process/recovery, of course YOU WILL see a difference. You should really use this 12-step program. It may seem hard and difficult, which I'm personally starting it myself. It will be a huge help for you and I believe in you!

1) Connection with your Family and Friends
2) Sleep
3) Healthy Diet or a cleaned up diet
4) Exercise
5) Creative Work
6) Journaling
7) Meditation
8) Down Time
9) Learning Something
10) Being Outside/ Admiring Nature
11) Help Someone/Anyone
12) Reduce or Eliminate

You may be very confused, but I'm going to explain everything!! Let's start off!


1- Connection with friends and family (WHICH CAN PROBABLY BE HELLA HARD)

First off, have some focused engagement with your friends and family. This is the ability to connect without electronics, and even if they're on a device, It really makes you seem mature in the situation. You should question yourself, Who should I spend my time with? This could be a hard question. Sometimes it can be hard connecting or hanging with friends and siblings. Sometimes it's the fear you'll screw up on something or talking. That's how I can be, but that's something you have to face. Hell yeah, It's going to be hard. Anxiety is harder and worse. I would rather be uncomfortable, than panic to death over the things I used to enjoy. Put down the phone!! Trust me, I love my phone. I've been putting it down more though, to socialize and connect with people often. While reaching your connection with family and friends, you want to learn how to use eye contact in conversations. It makes me uncomfortable, but you honestly have to do the things that make you the most uncomfortable. It can be stressful, but you can honestly do it! You just have to put your mind to it, my dudes! Tough conversations also have the greatest upside!! It teaches you how to handle the worst conversations, so if you're ever in the hardest conversation ever, remember that. Do family activities with the fam! This could mean going on a walk, small road trip with them, or spending time with them in general. That's how you should BRING A CONNECTION! Remember: TIME & SPACE. You should give yourself breaks and time when in recovery process. Sometimes things can get overwhelming and this is something you should and have to do.

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2- Sleep

Are you getting enough sleep? Personally I'm a night owl, but sometimes we have to change them things. 7-9 hours is the average amount of sleep YOU SHOULD have. Do you ever just wake up after less than 6 hours of sleep and feel like crap? That's because you aren't getting the recommended amounts of sleep that is needed to stay healthy. There's something called the 5 am club, where they stay up till then. This isn't healthy and you should not do that (I'm that type of person right now, but I realized it's causing me to wake up late and my summer days are going by FAST. Try making an alarm and get up earlier, it's a great way to start a routine. Right when you wake up in the morning, When you wake up in the morning, check on yourself. It's a great way to start the day. Write a journal entry or something, walk around your house, go outside and walk a little bit. Try turning off your Phone or TV before bed, about 20-30 minutes before. I don't like having my TV off, since I have to hear something to go to sleep, but turning off your phone should be done period. Try to set up a great sleep routine, I can't really recommend one since I'm still working on mine. Like I said before, before you go to bed, write out your thoughts and everything that has happened. It will be very helpful for you! Try looking into some blue light glasses, which help the eyes so if you stay on an electronic before bed. AVOID CAFFEINE One thing I've realized that affects my mental health and causes my tension headaches and jittery self is caffeine. Sure, it's good, but it can affect you in many ways. Try drinking some herbal teas such as Lavender or Chamomile Tea before bed.

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3- Healthy Diet

I always am that one person that says I WILL CHANGE MY DIET, but then after 2 weeks of trying, I start eating sugary foods. It's an habit that I roll back to easily, that annoys me honestly. One thing you should learn is about Sugar Crush or just a crash. These happen after too much sugar intake and this can have crazy symptoms, including hyperness and Anxiety. I've had this happen to me before, I drank too much sodas one time and got so hyper at first, but felt myself getting nervous. You should really try to not have as much sugar at once. It can be like a hangover and hangovers and Anxiety don't particularly mix well. You should also cut out Caffeine or if you do any, have small amounts. I realized that some of my jittery vibes I had were because I was constantly drinking Caffeine, but I'm going to be real with you: I can't NOT drink Sweet Tea. Sweet Tea typically contains small amounts, but caffeine isn't helpful for an Anxiety sufferer. You shouldn't really drink with Anxiety either, but some people claim it helps a lot. Whatever floats your boat. In your diet, you should bring in some whole foods. Some great examples of helping you start your healthy diet: Eggs, Bacon shockingly, Dairy but if you're lactose like me then that's a no tbh, and etc..You also may hear the next thing often but DRINK WATER I hardly drink water. I always hated the taste of it growing up so I never drank it a lot, which didn't help me. Drink at least 5-6 bottles a day, if you can't drink 8. I have drank 12 bottles in a day once, but now it's about one bottle or none a day again so time to implement that back into my life. You should stop drinking soda. I haven't drank soda in a while and If I do, I only drink half a can. i stick with 100% fruit juices, sweet tea, and water most of the days now. You should also bring vitamins and supplements into your life, since that's very helpful!

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4- Exercise

Exercise is proven to help reduce Anxiety within 21 minutes. It's also said that Exercise can be more beneficial than Medication. Where can you start? Go to a local gym or go take a walk! Sometimes taking a walk can be a way to calm down. Have music or silence when exercising, I like putting on motivating music such as K-POP and 80s music for me. Go outdoors and workout sometimes, It's super fun. You're getting vitamin D and that can increase Happiness. More Happiness = Less Anxiety. You should be patient with working out as well.

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5- Creative Work

With Anxiety some great things that help Anxiety is creative works. Hobbies and Creativity are great ways to distract your mind from stress. Some great examples are: Photography, Adult Coloring Books, Writing, Drawing/Painting, Building, Designing, Music, Dancing, and Read during the day.

6- Fear

Journaling is something that can help reduce and eliminate Anxiety. Journaling should be a daily practice, because it can help organize your thoughts. Try doing it at morning and night, to start your day off good and end it with a kick! Write down fears and write them out. Explain your fears, why and what caused these fears. It can help to find the root cause of your problems and try to find a way to solve it. You should also write down 3-5 things you're grateful for. It can help really figuring out what you're thankful and share your gratitude for. Set goals for yourself as well! It should be very helpful for you to figure out your goals and it makes you feel very good. You should reflect on your life and check on yourself through journaling as well! It's very helpful.

There are lots of reasons why Journaling can be beneficial but before I explain it in debt and keep it very simple. By writing down our thinking,we get them outside of our head. Our minds don't need to hold these negative thoughts. We can let go our fears and pains. We are powerful and can do it!!

I want you to write down your fears and talk about them. Explain them a bit and figure out how you already deal with them and what you want out of it. What are your goals with it and write down the fears you're holding onto!

"Power please release these fears, I ask only for guidance and goodness in world."

Power really signifies the universe.

Once you've written these words, inhale deeply through your nose and as you exhale sigh and drop your shoulders. You'll feel your fears release slightly.

This concept may sound simple and easy, but if implemented and followed constantly will have profound results!

Journal Practice!

1. What is one courageous thing can I do today to lean into my fear?

You should accept your fears and know you won't die. Facing the fears and doing it will make it better! Change your mindset!

2. What are you grateful for in life?

3. What would have made/What would make today today a brilliant day?

4. How could I make someone elses day great?

5. Affirmations --> I am beautiful, I am good enough, I am cool, I can do this, I am amazing, I'm pretty... Etc..

6. What was the highlight of yesterday?

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7. Meditation

Some people ask: Do I need to do the lotus position? Not really, that's mainly used in yoga. You can still do it, Probably. Should I sit or lay down? Well laying down is preferably what I do for night and I do sitting throughout the day. Either one is perfectly fine. Guided, Unguided, Mantas, TM, and etc.. All are great. I do guided meditations, but I love to do unguided ones in the shower. Mantras help you stay very positive in my opinion! Practicing mindfulness is very important and vital for Anxiety. You can also meditate using music.

8. Downtime/Reading

If you're like me, I get so guilty and overthink over having free time. There's just a feeling that I'm leaving my Anxiety, which I should want, but I feel bad about it. If you're like this too, I'm going to give a tip and some advice. Do it and don't feel bad. F**k them feelings! You deserve free time! With reading you get a curated escaped, which is entering another world so you can feel peace. You can imagine the world being created from the book. Use your time to have some calming time to yourself, by taking a bath or something. Enjoy your time and use it carefully. Knowledge is power, so you reading is bringing more knowledge and existence in your brain! You're also absorbing content and it's sticky. It's more lightly to last vs. the regular movie.

9. Learning Something

When you learn things, it's almost as if your brain feels good. It's empowering, which you can learn and feel empowerment through classes, quotes, books, and etc.. You can learn from anywhere, even if it's a conversation. Whatever positive and empowering thing you felt during the learning experience, SHARE IT. Sharing the positive defeats the negative, baby! You also are developing and growing through learning, which growth is something needed through the healing process of Anxiety. You should learn self-conscious messages such as I AM WORTH IT, since it can really help through the Anxiety process as well. Teaching others what you learn and what you know, is a great way to help your Anxiety. Helping others can really just be a helpful thing and I personally know this, because anytime I help friends with their issues: It feels so good! You can learn many things including, Languages, Cooking, Sports, Gardening, Technology, Knitting, Crafting, and more!

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10- Being outside/Admiring Nature

When outside you can almost get primal connections, which can be considered grounding. Grounding is a well known mindfulness technique used in Anxiety, but this type of grounding connects you to nature. You just admire how beautiful everything is. You want to sense everything. What do you smell outside? What do you see? What do you hear? Do you feel anything? Do you taste anything? Space is known to heal you, because nature is where we all originated from if you think about it. Space is where we all were before we existed. We were once particles, in a way. Nature distracts you from it's problems because you're realizing and seeing the true beauty of things. You're finding peace and it makes you redefine and think of a new definition of happiness.

11- Help Someone

Stop making things all about you and YES, I know it's hard to say this. You should consider others more, like I know you're scared of the unthinkable, just like me. You need to realize, others may not be as happy as they look. They could be putting on an invisible mask, not being their true self. If you can't help yourself, helping others will be a great way to feel better. it's nice knowing you made someone smile or feel good. Share your entertaining ways from your gift. Anxiety is a gift, my friend. It may not seem like it, but were hella lucky to have it. If we didn't have it, you wouldn't be considered as strong as you are. In my opinion, You're very STRONG! We are the most sensetive and connected people, because we can often sense others emotions more than they really can. It's a great gift! You should volunteer and go first often, because it takes off the pressure a bit more. Sending cards once in a while, can be heartwarming, especially if it's hand-written. Buy something for some in line, because it's helpful and heartwarming.

12- Reduce or Eliminate

You should really sit with buying decisions. What this means is figure out if what you want to buy is a need or just a want. If it's a want, then BYE. If it's a need, it can be considered. Give away things too, because sometimes giving away things is helpful for you and other people. You're doing number 11 and helping others. Don't be attracted to owning things, because it makes you look greedy. Be thankful for what you already got! Mental Health is just as important as Physical Health.

"What you own, owns you.." Is a quote that stands out. Understand that. YOU WANT TO UNDERSTAND THAT.

Let's move on...

Think: What would you do if you didn't care what anyone else would say or think?

We often believe judge or care what we think, sometimes that's true, but most of the time it's not. As long as I upset other people is a negative mindset, that is known in many people. Change that thinking because you can't please everyone. That's okay.

NOW, Think: What would you do with your life you weren't anxious?

For me personally, I'd do the things that I used to again. The things I used to love.

You want to learn how to lean into your fear because that's where growth can and will happen. You can learn about LEAN IN on my other articles! I explained it in debt.

Now think about this, How would you want your ideal day to go?

What time would you personally want to wake up?

What would you eat or fill your body up?

Who would you spend time with?

What projects would you start working on?

What would you do for work?

What time would you go to bed?

What exercise would do throughout the day?

What would you not do?

Notice you don't need money to do any of this really

Figure out what not do:

Don't get up late, because it can ruin your sleep schedule.

Don't get fast food on the go, unless you don't have time to eat out.

Don't abandon your family


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What's your passion? Sometimes people don't understand it often. If you look back and remember things you enjoyed growing up, that are important skills for jobs, It could be your passion! Ask yourself:

Does your current life reflect your love? What this means is the way your life going reflect on the things you love and enjoy?

What part of your life or work feels worthless or effortless?

What for you produces the best results in the least amount of time?

set aside time to consider these questions. it's serious to consider and think about these because finding your passion can help with your problems

What is your gift? (Talent or Unique Ability)

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The Idea or Spare Muscle:

From james Altucher who write down 10 ideas a day (helps you a more ideal positive thinker)

Ideas often do not appear when surrounded by sound. Think about them in silence,

Get out of your normal surroundings, maybe go outside and think of some great positive and great thoughts! Turn off the distractions, that distract you from coming up with amazing ideas.Get bored for once, enjoy being bored because then you can think up some pretty bad a** ideas that are great! Sometimes you even can get uncomfortable to think up things!


Are you finding yourself in this small bubble, which is considered your comfort zone and are you the person watching all the magic happen. Are you the person that won't cross the line. That's me right there, to the TOTAL T. If you don't get out of your comfort zone, there's not a single ounce of growth man!

Do you make excuses on why you can't show up or be there? Don't. Do it, even if it makes YOU UNCOMFORTABLE. That's the only way to break it.
Are you avoiding the things that make you feel uncomfortable? Don't. Do it, even IF YOU'RE SCARED.
Are you saying no to things out of fear? Don't. Do it, because YOU CAN.
Are you surrounding yourself with people who don't lift you up? Don't, surround yourself with positive people.
Are you wearing masks to hide the real you? I do too and It sucks. Don't though, because you're making others miss the chance of MEETING AND HANGING with the true you!


A mask is when you're being someone you're not and hiding the true you.

It's like you have a different personality when you hang with different people

Anxiety loves it WHEN YOU PLAY SMALL, meaning it's winning. Do you wanna see Anxiety win? Challenge it! Your Anxiety will grow if you stay small. If you get in the energy and do it, It's losing.

TELL YOUR ANXIETY, "I'm not prepared to face this life, I don't deserve it and I wanna be happy! I know it's bloody hard!"

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If you consider what's positive in your life, it may change your future honestly. What if you spent time thinking about the best-case scenarios instead of the worst-case scenarios.


WORST --> What if I mess up and my boss fires me and everyone thinks thinks I'm a loser

BEST --> What if I do great and my boss is EXTREMELY PROUD of me and everyone is jealous because of How great I did?


FOR ONE, remember EFFORT AND ACTION make a difference

Say YES to things EVEN IF it makes you feel uncomfortable. Be alright with not getting it alright every time, It's okay to mess up. We're humans, we aren't perfect. Don't be so attached and thoughtful of the outcome, because the more you think about the outcomes, the worse you get Anxiety wise. LEAN INto your fear, which is from one of the past articles I wrote.


The closer we be to an Alignment, the closer to truth, the less Anxiety shows up.

Take a look at your life and see what needs time and attention. What needs help and to be fixed?

"The Truth sets you free!!"

Don't hide your Anxiety. Tell people, because it honestly feels good to tell others.


Stop sugar coating things to appease others and people!
Don't be a people pleaser anymore!
What you have to say HAS VALUE!

What do you wish you could change about your life?
What impact do you want made?


"There is only one way to avoid Criticism. Do NOTHING. Say NOTHING. and BE NOTHING."


This doesn't seem exciting. Sometimes being you, will honestly piss people off. Some people will love you. You can't please everyone. The more you open up and be you, the better. You should be yourself.

"If you're saying yes to someone else just make sure you aren't saying no to you!"

If you're saying yes to appease others, then you're not being the happiest person you are. You almost feel bad if you aren't pleasing people sometimes, which I can relate. I remember for the past 3 years of middle school and people constantly

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BE Selfish or BE Anxious

-If you don't put yourself first, no one else will. People don't really care about you, you most likely are their last priority if you don't know the person personally so there's nothing to worry about.

If we put ourselves last our body and mind will happily oblige. This means, if we don't put ourselves first, our mind will cause stress upon our body, making more stress than there should be. It also means you're not caring about yourself which causes negative thinking and possibly laziness.

People ask why would I put myself first if I'm broken? That's a question many ask, but that's where your head is. If you don't put yourself first, You'll feel broken.

Start slow + Small @ First because It's a process to go through man! It'll be okay and you can do it!

You can't be the best version of yourself if you don't go first: Change your attitude and mindset!
If you're not putting yourself first and you're still feeling Anxious, then the mystery is possibly solved! You're making yourself Anxious with not BEING confident and not believing in yourself. Why do you have to break the cycle, You're going through tough things. You should break from this cycle because YOU DESERVE BETTER! There's a light at the end of the tunnel. You have to walk and have effort you have to try it often and make it. It takes time and practice, but you can do it!

"If you're not selfish, You're selfish."
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Practice engagement when there is no pressure on you.. (Put your hand up, smile, engage, and ask questions when others are presenting or speaking.)

Have some questions ready for the occassion, it gives you power and leaves you prepared.

Put your hand up and volunteer.


Don't always wait to be ask, Start something for once because that's the easiest thing to do! If you're waiting for someone to say something, it can be sometimes Anxiety provoking and try.

Hear the sound of your own voice once and while and you might feel something. Talk in a microphone and sometimes it shocks people. Also I want to say something, WAITING is a painful process. Go first and volunteer to go fast. It can feel better! It also feels like something is lifted off your chest. I want you always SMILE because it feels good, it's a great way to greet people and a great way to start conversations.


-Coffee Shop (Drink Tea or something with small amounts of Caffeine)
-At Work
-Anywhere that normally makes you feel anxious

CONGRATS! You've stopped making everything not all about you and starting first.
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"Because you can't go over it, can't go under it, can't go around it, you gotta go through it!"

Embracing your Anxiety is important. Going under, Going Over, and/or AROUND your Anxiety is avoiding. The more you avoid it, the worse it gets. Going through it makes things easier.

You want to get comfortable with being uncomfortable, even it feels uncomfortable, you have to get comfortable with it and know it's okay.
Yes, Anxiety is one of the worst things ever, but it's okay. You can deal with it and you can! Expect things to go amazingly well. Positive thinking of it, makes the whole thing typically go well. You should be excited to share what you've been up to, because it's always fun to share about your life. Even if it's depressing or bad, it's still being shared and eh-- You're doing the best you can. You should be okay with not being perfect. Perfect is one of the standards people ALWAYS talk about. The truth is, EVERYONE IS IMPERFECT. Yeah, someone's appearance may look JAW-DROPPING gorgeous, but they have their flaws mentally, physically, and etc..

You should use fear as a barometer of significance (Use excitement and replace it with your fear. Yeah, it takes practice, but It'll be okay!)
Why when I wasn't scared I wasn't growing. I don't know how to explain this, but you shouldn't be scared about the anxiety and growth. Of course, you want growth, but it takes time. Little by Little each time.

A life without fear is a life without meaning. Fear lets you know your alive and doing something good. You should just really learn to embrace your Fears and Anxiety, because you're stuck with it till the day you die. There's no cure! There's no fix, but there's way to get better!
What makes you uncomfortable, you still continue to do. Lean into the fear and know it's okay. It's okay to be scared.

Continuing to Recover (Living and Growing)

Are you stretching yourself? What aspects of your life bother you so much? Are you still investing in yourself? Are you still checking in with yourself truly?

These are things you should ask yourself and remember to still implement in your recovery.

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Define happiness in your opinion? Really consider it. There are 3 things to consider in this. Money shouldn't really make your happiness, but maybe that's your happiness. If you're enviornment doesn't make you happy, then make a change. It can be hard, but that's okay. Do you love where you live? If not, why? Is your home relaxing? If not, Why? Your house can shockingly cause added stress on your plate.


Recovering is investing in yourself which is self-development. Some examples are some things we've learned throughout this blog, education, fitness, and skills.


It's a distraction, but it feels great to help! You can support family, support friends, help support your work, give to your community, and helping other people and anyone.


A relapse doesn't undo all the work you've done. Just don't set your expectations too high and don't say you're cured. Anxiety and Stress will always be with you because everyone has it. It's okay because YOU CAN FIGHT IT. If you relapse you know, just ask yourself:

Why did it happen?
Did I stop doing the work? (Rituals)
Did I drink too much or neglect my body?
Did I respond with curiosity and compassion or did I go back to being hard on myself?

GET BACK ON THE HORSE ASAP and continue doing the work. Don't worry about any outcomes. It's time to go big!!

Try your hardest, my butterflies <3