1. wash all of the dishes, then clean the sink with cif or water it down

put them back in there places, don't clutter them in one spot

2. move a few things off the counter so you can clean around those cracks too

use water or cif to clean

if you use cif, clean first with cif and brush or kitchen towel
then wipe it down with water

3. reorganize as you put your decorations and things back on the counter

have few essentials that you use everyday, no extra clutter

benefits of doing this:

you'll have less clutter
not that much to clean
relaxing for the mind
easier to maintain a decluttered/clean kitchen

you can apply these tips for your whole house:

wash clothes, etc..
clean floors, drawers, etc..
make keep and giveaway piles
reorganize to find the essentials you need

thanks for reading this article, hope you found it useful

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