Name: Candice Miller

Nickname: Candy and Candy-Cane

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In ancient hereditary, Candice was a title used by Ethiopian queens.


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Candy is 17 years old and her birthday is May 19, 2001


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She has short brown hair with a few light blonde highlights at the bottom and her eyes are dark brown, but have specks of green in the sunlight. Candy wears a silver hoop in her nose piercing, has a bunch of ear piercings on both of her ears, and has the top part of her belly button pierced.


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She has a youthful style which likes to add fun touches by wearing colorful shoes likes her yellow vans or having interesting nail art. Since Candy isn't as happy and put together as she looks, she uses her style to try make trick herself into thinking she is okay and happy.


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Candy likes simple gold jewelry that catches your attention without even trying. She also wears an ankle with a small green gem and a smiley face given to her by her boyfriend.


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She suffers from mild/severe depression and she fears hurting and disappointing those close to her. Ever since her depression got worse, so did her anger...but she tried to never let you know. Candy truly cares so much that even if her whole world was crashing down, she'd still make sure you were okay first.


She loves dogs, but has been too scared to get a new one since her dog, Arthur died when she was 14. Candy really loves reading and hopes to have a room filled with books when she has her own house. She also loves to travel and hopes to see as much of the world before she dies one day. Her favorite flowers are sunflowers.

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She has an extreme fear of spiders, big or small. I have to say more? She hates spaghetti, it's so disgusting to her. Candy hates liars so much, she'd rather the truth hurt her now instead of a lie destroy her in a month.


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Candy lives in a town called Woodstock, Virginia and should not be mistaken with Woodstock...the festival.


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Candy starts dating a 19 year old named Emmett Armstrong when she goes to Chicago to stay with her mom during Summer.


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Candy has a few small tattoos around her body such as; a rose on her inner hip, a turtle on the inner part of her right wrist, a semicolon on the inside of her left wrist, and the outline of a heart on her right under boob.

Zodiac Sign:

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Candy was born on May 19th, 2001 making her a Taurus.


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What she feels is all consuming and it takes over, so she tries to cover the pain with anything that will consume her mind.