this is the second one but i have a huge list now. hope you enjoy and i also finally finished my exams so its finally summer for me!

go camping

friends, friendship, and best friends image camping, nature, and fire image


dreamy, flowers, and ginger image adventure, aesthetic, and hike image

go to a floating waterpark

fun, water, and summer image

set up a lemonade stand

beach, family, and hawaii image lemonade and lemonade stand image

go to the beach

beach, girl, and summer image beach, girl, and summer image

learn new skill/language

yellow, aesthetic, and book image book, coffee, and reading image

get your dream body

bed, boy, and hair image model and quotes image

improve makeup skills

beautiful, eyeliner, and girl image makeup, beauty, and nails image

watch all marvel movies

Marvel, wallpaper, and hero image


travel, plane, and sky image travel, forest, and road image

learn to play an instrument

aesthetic, beautiful, and dawn image aesthetic, aesthetics, and instrument image

have a spa day

flowers, bath, and pink image girl, friends, and friendship image

go to a drive-in cinema

couple, grunge, and car image car, vintage, and aesthetic image

buy new clothes

fashion, outfit, and girl image fashion, yellow, and aesthetic image

give old/non-wanted clothes away

bedroom, closet, and clothes image beautiful, bunny, and closet image

go to a festival

festival, coachella, and friends image coachella, girl, and fashion image

water fight

colorful image balloons, colors, and water image

have a picnic

beach, girl, and summer image aesthetic, picnic, and beach image

karaoke night

bar, fun, and retro image bar, fun, and karaoke image

go to a theme park

ferris wheel image fun, vintage, and friends image

watch the sunrise

beach, ocean, and sunrise image beach, girl, and pretty image

take a lot of pictures

girl, mirror, and moon image camera, photo, and polaroid image

go surfing

girl, summer, and beach image summer, girl, and friends image

have a bonfire night

fire, night, and nature image fire, night, and forest image

eat smores

filter, love, and food image campfire, cozy, and fire image

go to afternoon tea

gucci image afternoon tea, britain, and cakes image

take photos in photobooth

friends, photo, and boy image fashion, model, and photobooth image

host a summer party

lights, neon, and party image amazing, photo, and photo shoot image

rope swing into lake

blue water, ocean, and river image adventures, lake, and rope image

go kayaking

canoe, fun, and kayak image Image removed

have sleepovers

friendship, girls, and sleepover image pizza, friends, and friendship image

go berry picking

berries, fruit, and berry image berries, grow, and plant image

go midnight bike riding

night, indie, and alternative image girl, grunge, and bike image

have photoshoot with friends

amigas, beach, and best friends image Image by Valentina

try new foods

delicious, food, and lagosta image food, shrimp, and steak image

swing on a swing

summer, beach, and sea image travel, swing, and nature image

go on a boat

Temporarily removed Image by joodyeyad

go to a trampoline park

fun, trampoline, and parks image neon, park, and trampoline image

swing on a hammock

fashion, summer life, and girl image beach, summer, and legs image

go thrift shopping

purple, girl, and neon image closet, cloths, and fashion image

eat at a fancy restaurant

zayn malik, one direction, and night changes image food porn, tumblr+instagram, and grilling+meat+love image

swim in the sea

Image by 23lifes summer, girl, and ocean image

harry potter marathon

harry potter, severus snape, and ron weasley image Inspiring Image on We Heart It

clear your skin

girl, face mask, and hair image

discover new places

travel, map, and adventure image

there is more on my list but i think this is enough xo