Happy Friday, peoples! I wanted to share some date ideas I would love to try out with my boyfriend (let's call him B) someday. Despite being together for years, our dates usually just consist of night-ins, watching YouTube while scarfing on some pizza. Not that I don't out date nights together, I do want to start having more interesting dates. So these are what I had in mind ♱♡‿♡♰

watch a marathon of something
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Whether we're watching it from Netflix or with DVD box sets, I'd love to snuggle with my honey bunny and watch hours of movies or a certain TV show. My boyfriend is more a gamer than a movie buff, so I don't mind spending 24 hours just playing games. Just please no Minecraft.

make gingerbread houses
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As you get older, it seems that Christmastime becomes less of a familial obligation and more of a romantic holiday, if you have a significant other that is. And I can't think of anything cuter than constructing some gingerbread houses. We could do it the simple way with graham cracker walls and frosting/icing as the glue, or get on the expert level by using actual gingerbread to build our tiny, delicious house.

have a picnic
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Picnics are always a fun way to relax and enjoy a lovely afternoon with the bae. We could both prepare the food for the picnic, but knowing me, I'd want full control and end up making the food by myself. B could take care of the drinks or something. I can imagine it already... a warm, breezy late summer afternoon. He would compliment by amazing chicken salad sandwiches and I'd reply, "Anything for you, honey bunny". Cheesy, I know but let me have my moment!

go on a hot air balloon ride
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So I'm kinda terrified of heights and I don't think B is a fan of being off the ground from a high distance. Nevertheless, I always been fascinated by hot air balloons. Their pretty designs and the way the glide in the air, I mean who doesn't like hot air balloons. Well I guess people with acrophobia but I digress. B won't be to keen on going on one though, but with a little encouragement, he'll loosen up. I think us stepping out of our comfort zone and trying new and exciting things will bring us closer than ever.

a double date
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Despite being together for so long, we never been on a double date. Sure I had friends with partners of their own but my plans of a double, triple or quadruple date never comes through. Plus, the whole idea of puts shivers through B's spine. But we will have one, dammit! And you may be thinking, "Why force him to do something he clearly doesn't want to do?". Well, get yourself in a committed relationship for over 5 years and ask yourself the same question.

watching the sunrise together
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I know sure where we would watch it. From my house, I hard to get a good view of the sun when I walk outside, let alone the moon. I'm think the best way to do this is to go out into the desert like around 3 or 4 am. To make the occasion more fun, we could invite some of our pals and make a little party out of it. Once the sun has fully risen, we could get some breakfast at a local diner.

learn a song together
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One of the things I love about my boyfriend is that he's so talented with the guitar, whereas I'm super below average. I mean, I know the basics but I'm so bad at playing. But I think it would fun to pick a song to play and practice it all day. We both love classic rock, so there's a lot of great songs to choose from.

volunteer together
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I haven't done any volunteer work in such a long time, but I remember having so much doing it. Me and B could help out for a special event or maybe even do some library work. We'll have fun while also helping out our community.

Thank you for reading my date ideas. Hopefully this list even inspired you to try new things with the special person in your life :)

Like it or not,
Midge <3