Welcome to one more article. Today I came up with the idea to share with you how I stay on track of accomplishing my goals. Hope you will like it.If someone wants to make a collab, just send me a message.

1. Establish your goals & your intentions

First you need to write down on the paper or in your special notebook your goals. Make the priorities between your goals.Before you set up your goals you need to ask yourself a questions like why you want accomplish that goal? ; Is it worth?

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2. Break down bigger goals into bite sized goals

After you wrote your goals, made a priorities between them you can start accomplishing them. But first separate the bigger goal into smaller goals. If you try to accomplish that bigger goal before separating it into smaller goals you will put so much energy and you will feel stressed about it and you may not accomplish it in the way you wanted. So separate that big goal into smaller goals and it will be much easier for you.

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3. Get the hardest things done first

When you wake up you feel rested and you have a lot of energy(mostly) so why not use that energy to do the hardest things done first. For the rest of the day you will not feel stressed about that and you can do much more about other things that need to be done.

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4. Back to the basics

This is the most important step. Try to do your morning routine first. You do not have to had a perfect morning routine( like waking up in an expensive hotel, eating breakfast in Paris, drinking a coffee with a lot of milk and sugar...). Start you day with the basics stuff which you usually do in the morning(waking up, brushing teeth, eating breakfast...)

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