It´s hard for me to be here in front of you today. For a long time, I though that I would never be able to do this, i though I didn´t had the courage, and only God knows how much I cursed myself for not open my heart with you.
Things would probably gonna changes between us, and I´m already anticipating my apologizes, i´m not good expressing my feelings, and i´m the worst dealing with them. But let me get back before I give up.
It has been a torture every single minute I pass by your side without being honest to you, and i wanna this to finish, that´s why i´m here, to be true with you and with myself.
Well, I am incredibly and madly in love with you. I´m fascinated for your way to express and your way to act, I´m in love for every detail of you, for everything I know, and everything I hope someday discover.
I wish I could spend all my day listening to you talking, laugh when you get excited talking about the things u like. So sweet.
I hope you don´t get scared, and don´t run for some place far way from me, but I have been needed to tell you these stuff
... but how about you? are you alright?........

hey guys i´m sorry for any grammatical error, i´m from brazil so....

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