1- You have your best interest

2- A plan without action is a speech

3- Don't worry about things you cant control

4- Stop, stretch, and take a deep breath

5- Explore your surroundings because there are hidden gems

6- Go to a new place once a week

7- Set priorities

8- Learn a new skill or perfect your current one

9- Have a sense of direction for your life

10- Do more of what makes you happy

11- Most people long for a conversation with others

12- People don't pay as much attention to you as you think

13- Be genuine

14- Learn from yourself

15- Journal

16- All things worth having are earned

17- Use your time wisely

18- Define what success means to you

19- Keep a tight immediate circle of friends

20- Smile more

Here are just some things I have learned so far over my lifetime. I hope you enjoyed :)