A is for Age

I am 15 years old!

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B is for Birthday

My birthday is February 14th! I'm a cupid baby

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C is for Color

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Blue! It is so enchanting and communicates so many moods

D is for Diseases

Well haha this one is strange. I have unknown illnesses relating to my back pain and not being able to eat.

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Not being able to eat without being sick after makes me very tired, so it gets hard

E is for Ethnicity

Oh man I'm basically all white. I'm from Ireland fam

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F is for Flower

Daisies! They're so simple and pretty.

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G is for Goals

I want to be healthy. That's my top priority along with happiness

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H is for Height

I am 5' 3"! I'm small but slowly getting taller than a lot of my family members.

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I is for Identification

I am a cis female and bisexual.

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J is for Job

Well I don't actually have a job right now but I volunteer at my library. I also want to be a marine biologist!

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K is for Kids

GROSS. I really don't like children. I would never give birth because it is EXCRUCIATINGLY painful and not worth it - kids are just sticky, stinky, and annoying for all 18+ years that you could have them. I would adopt, but only at a higher age - the older they get, the less wanted they are.

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L is for Looks

I am white, have blue eyes, blue short hair, and acne.

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M is for Music

I have a pretty broad taste in music, but I LOVE 50s music. I also absolutely despise KPop.

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N is for Name

My name is Abigail, but I prefer to go by Abi.

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O is for Outfits

I like to go for a more retro look. I'd also describe my look as random.

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P is for Passions

I love painting and I'm obsessed with my grades.

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Q is for Questions

Some I have: When will I find out what's wrong with my back? How do I pursue marine biology? Why is my dog so cute? Will E and I last?

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R is for Regrets

I used to regret a lot of things, but now I know everything happens for a reason and mistakes are okay.

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S is for Season

My favorite season is spring. In Florida, it's still a bit too hot, but not too much. Not to mention the colors are beautiful!

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T is for Travels

Ooooh boy! I've been on a LOT of cruises, so I'll try to list. I've been to: Iowa, Maryland, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Boracay, Bahamas, Virgin Islands, Barbados, Curacao, Cancun, Grand Cayman, Aruba, Caicos Islands, Grenada, Trinidad, The Caribbean, St. Thomas, and more!

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U is for Unstoppable

I've been through so much in life, but I've NEVER stopped going, never stopped trying.

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V is for Villain

My favorite Disney villain is SO underrated! It's Helga Katrina Sinclair from Atlantis. LOVE her!

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W is for Wealth

Well, my family isn't the richest, but we definitely aren't poor. I'd say we're middle class, and it really doesn't bother me.

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X is for X-Rays

I have only had two x-rays. One of my lungs when I had pneumonia and one most recently of my back.

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these pictures are NOT my x rays and were found on WHI

Y is for Yuck!

I put this here to say which foods I absolutely hate! Those foods are milk and eggs!

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Z is for Zodiac

I am a proud Aquarius!!

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Thanks so much for reading!