You don't need a reason to dislike something. I see this argument often made but people lean it in the other direction. Saying "you don't need a reason to like something". Which is also true. People often ask for justifications (which in some cases do matter) but when it comes to bands, celebrities, food and a variety of simple likes and dislikes they want a tangible fact from you. I think people mistake this as spreading negativity.

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But you can't expect a person to enjoy every aspect of their life no matter how small the thing their pointing at is. It's also better, to be honest with your feelings no matter what. Keeping your true emotions buried only causes problems.

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This brings me to my next thought. You don't need to do things or like things just because people around you like them. Being authentic to who you are is going to make people who are like-minded gravitate towards you. Keep your head up kids<3

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