this lyrical playlist is called tear drops because all the songs i recommend is from the album Love Yourself: Tear by BTS.
each and every song is beautiful and has its own vibe. there is a song for everyone on this album and bts once again has conveyed such thoughtful messages to the listener. there's a song that goes for every mood. here is the some of my favourite lyrics from each song on the album, enjoy! :)

Intro: Singularity

"tell me if my voice isn't real
if i shouldn’t have thrown myself away
tell me if even this pain isn’t real
what i was supposed to do back then"

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Fake Love

"for you, i could pretend like i was happy when i was sad
for you, i could pretend like i was strong when i was hurt"

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The Untold Truth

"you know that i can’t
show you me
give you me
i can’t show you a ruined part of myself
once again i put a mask again and go to see you
but i still want you"

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"it must be nice that you’re a light
all i do is receive you as you are"

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"it’s alright to stop
there’s no need to run without even knowing the reason
it’s alright to not have a dream"

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Love Maze

"in the darkness, just the two of us is enough
in all these lies
if we’re together, even an endless maze is paradise"

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Magic Shop

"i always want to be the best
so I was impatient and always restless
comparing myself with others became my daily life
my greed that was my weapon suffocated me and also became a leash"

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Airplane pt.2

"it’s not easy
failure and frustration
words that someone gave me after calling me, exhausted, to stop"


"sometimes i’m afraid of all this
because i came to have so many things that i love"

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So What

"i don’t like worries, life is long
just go, i wanna live right now"

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Outro: Tear

"my heart is torn, please burn it instead
so that pain and regret, none of that would be left"

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