Feel your hands around my wrists
I'm looking into your eyes
And I see your smile
And you are just so happy
That I burst a laugh
'Cause I find it so ironic
To be in your arms, outside
While I'm just dying, on the inside.

But I know that it's not your fault
And this is why I can't say anything
I don't want to make things worse
I don't want you to be
As dead as I am
'Cause this thing hurts like hell
So I can just hope that you won't be sad
When you'll see me in a body bag.

And the air feels so cold
As I'm watching the waves
Splashing into the bridge.
I can hear their voices
Calling me, inviting me
Into their Wonderland.
'Cause I just want to fall,
Embracing the darkness, the only that can fill
The void that's in my soul, where my heart
Used to stand.

Tonight...I want to be alone
I already said all my goodbyes
But you didn't realise
It was dark and nobody could see my tears.
It's okay. They will disolve into the water.
'Cause I want you to remember me
With that smile on my face, as I said
That I love you, for the first and the last time.

...and I didn't lie. I swear I didn't...