Every summer has its own story, mine is a novel.

Hey guys! I've been missing for a long while now and I'm really sorry but althouthg my exams are over I've been quite busy. I know routines and lifestyles are a big things these days, so I decided to share with you my summer routine which is different from my school-year routine because of many reasons. Anyway, here goes nothing...

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1. Morning

  • In the morning I like to wake up at around 9:30 AM depending on how I'm feeling.
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  • I usually check my social media for about 10 minutes and then I strech a little bit (Instagram & WHI)
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  • I prepare myself a very light breakfast, usually chocolate milk or a toast, I don't like to eat much in the morning.
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  • If my father hasn't left yet then I go out with him and my dogs for a walk.
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  • When I'm back I get some fresh pressed orange juice, either at the store or I make one myself because walking makes me thirsty.
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  • Then I usually sit in the living-room playing Mario Bros or reading a book (currently reading the Raven Boys).
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  • After reading for a while I clean my room a little bit and open my windows if it's not too hot outside.
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2. Mid-day

  • Depending on the day I either stay at home writing or working on a project or I go out to the beach or shopping.
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  • If I'm out of the house I eat at McDonald's or have a light snack like a crêpe or some pastries. If I'm home then I skip the meal altogether (understand, I'm not starving myself, it just so happens that I'm someone who is almost never hungry and I don't like to eat if I don't feel like it).
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3. Afternoon

  • After eating sometimes I indulge myself with a small nap (I'm a spaniard after all...) or I just browse the web killing what's left of my brain.
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  • I try to have a healthy short workout at home since I'm too lazy and anxious to go to the gym by myself.
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  • I shower in the afternoon/night because this way I feel cleanier when sleeping and my hair is wet so I don't get too hot during the night.
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  • Then I usually write for a while or watch one of my favourite TV shows (currently watching La Verdad, Supernatural and Reign).
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  • After this I have home cooked dinner made by my mother.
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  • After a while I read some more and turn off the lights so that I can have a good night sleep.
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And I guess that's my daily routine, which can be summarized with reading, Instagram, writing and sleeping. Hope you liked this article!
- Dahiandra