after a long day of walking without having a destination, they saw a cabin in the middle of the woods. it was so silent that all daryl could hear was emma's breath.
the gray sky announced the night, which means that was time to rest. emma kept silence through the hours they tried to find something or someone but they knew about the elephant in the room.

"you can't treat me like that, dixon. you can keep this shitty mood and thinking that i am a child, but let's make something clean: i save your ass back there. it's not like it's the end of the world."

emma almost laughed in how ironic her explosion was. having daryl being daryl was so exhausting because she couldn't predicted his changes.

after they settled in the cabin, daryl lit his cigarette and emma just watched him for a while. the silence was so loud that she could scream. after explore the little house that they where, the girl found a old diary and decided to focus on it.

"so what you are reading?" emma almost got scared with the random question, not used to his treatment silence lasts so quickly. he rolled his eyes and put his lips again in the cigarette. "i'm... trying here, okay?"

emma took a minute to process what he just said. maybe he gives a shit about her. maybe.

"this, hum, a diary. some girl who lived here wrote it. it's distrating tho."

"what it says?" his rough voice said, daryl's not stopping to gaze the girl.

"she's in love. it describes moments with her boyfriend. it's just stupid high school shit."

he laughed with mockery, so bitter that emma could feel it.

"nothing of those things matter anymore. love and shit."

"maybe it does." emma said closing her eyes, feeling so stupid. he doesn't knew what she was going with that, but thought that maybe she was right and in that moment, nothing else matters.


they looked each other in the dark for a while.

she wanted to kiss him so bad.
he wanted to kiss her so bad.

maybe they should.

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