Hello everybody!

Since I really love to travel I thought it would be fitting to do the Travel Tag. Credits to those who started this funny challenge. I will links theirs pages and their article down below.

Hope you like it!


1. Places You'd Like to Travel In the Near Future

I would love to travel to Spain, Greece and Italy. I would also really like to visit Paris in France in the future.

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2. Do You Prefer Traveling Near Beaches, Mountains or Cities?

I prefer traveling near beaches and cities, preferably a destination with a combination of both.

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3. Plane Rides, Cruises or Road Trips?

I like both Plane Rides and Road Trips, but plane rides makes me more excited in some way. Maybe it's the feeling of traveling farther from home and experiencing a whole new place. But recently I really come to love road trips as well.

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4. Who Would You Love To Travel With?

I would love to travel with my little sister and my best friend, who both always put a smile on my face and I always have a great time with. I also love to travel with my family.

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5. Do You Prefer Hot, Cold or Warm Places to Travel To?

I prefer hot and warm places to travel to. I love to travel to places where the beach is not too far away so that I can enjoy the sun and water.

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6. What Is Your Favorite Place You've Been To?

My favorite place I've been to must be when my family and I did a road trip in Florida. We went to Miami, Key west, Universal Studios in Orlando, Sarasota and some other cute places on the way. This was a vacation I really loved and will never forget.

7. If you had to live anywhere else in the world, where would you go?

Now I live in Sweden and if I had to life somewhere else I think I would go somewhere in Europe where the climate is not that different from here. But in all honesty I really love living here in Sweden so I don't think I will move away from here permanently.

8. Have You Ever Traveled Out of Your Country?

Yes I have been outside of Sweden quite a few times. Some of the countries I've been to are Greece, Croatia, Bulgaria, Denmark, England, Finland and the United States of America.

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Thank you for reading and I really hope you liked it!

// Ida Astrid