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Today I have a fun topic that I wanted to do it for a while.

My mom's birthday is in less than a month and that's why I bring it this topic to you. I'm going to share with you guys the different tips and suggestions when we want to do a birthday party at home.

Are you guys ready? Okay, let's do this!

The Guests

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Okay, so if you want to do the birthday party at home it is important that you consider how much space do you have.
Then, you have to decide who are the people that you want to invite it. It is always important that you think about this very carefully. If you want a birthday party without any complications, then don't invite people that you know that you don't like.

Is your birthday party, you decide who you want to invite.


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The invitations have to adjust to your budget. I recommend you that if the birthday party is at home is better to do them in an electronic way. Is easy. You can download apps that helps you to do them or you can hire someone that have creativity that can makes them for you.

It is cheaper, and you're also saving trees.


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Cake is that essential element in the party, so based on your budget and in the type of party that you want you can choose between the traditional cake, cupcakes or pies to make it a little bit different.


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Hey! Always remember the Candy bar! No matter which candies do you choose!


If you don't have a lot of budget to spend, you can make part of your decoration.

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You can buy curtains to decorate the wall behind the cake. It always work.
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Balloons are always a good idea. They are fun, and perfect to decorate. And, they are also a cheaper way to decorate. There are now this beautiful balloons with sparkle that looks so chic and fancy, that you can make them in your home!


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Since the birthday party is in your home you have to enjoy the party as much as you can. Sometimes when we do birthday parties at home we can't enjoy it so much because we are always serving the food, etc. But pizza never fails. It is cheap, and all the people like it! You can never go wrong with pizza.


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There's no birthday party without the music! Don't forget your boombox!!


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Finally, and most important… Your outfit. You are the birthday girl, you can wear whatever you want according to your style, of course! Choose something bold and chic and wear it with confidence! Is your day!

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