summer '18 is here!! i don't want to have another summer of doing nothing sooo that's why i decided to make a bucket list. maybe you'll get some inspiration :)

1. get a job

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i'm so bad at saving money so i'm broke all the time. why not earn some money this holiday? seems like a good idea.

2. travel

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i'm going to france for a week and i'm really excited!!

3. take lot's of pictures

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i have a polaroid camera but i don't use it often and i want to use it more, i also want to take more pictures with my friends

4. get a tan

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i'm so bad at getting a tan because i get sunburnt immediately

5. read at least 4 books

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i hardly ever read but when i'm reading a book i can't stop reading

6. kiss a boy

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probably not gonna happen but that would be fun hahaha

7. keep my room clean

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my room is a l w a y s messy so i want to clean up my whole room and redecorate it

8. sunflowers!!

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sunflowers are one of my favorite flowers and i'd love to go to a sunflower field, i heard there are a lot in france :)

9. just relax

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this school year was so stressful so what i really want to do is to relax and watch every show on netflix

10. stop nail biting

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i have been biting my nails for as long as i can remember (i know ew) and i've tried to stop before but i failed

11. go to the beach with friends

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i love the beach

12. eat healthier

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i'll probably maintain this for like a week but i'm going to try to eat more fruit and less junkfood.

13. keep my skin clear

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i have very oily skin and light acne on my face, back and chest. it's already a lot better than a few months ago but i want it to really go away.

14. go to a festival

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i'm planning to go to a festival in august :)

15. learn how to cook

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right now i only know how to bake eggs

16. have a waterfight

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waterfights are so much fun and yes that's liam and louis they are the kings of waterfights :)

17. have a sleepover

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i love sleepovers, my friends and i always watch movies or we dance to our favorite songs

18. go to a funfair

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there's this really big funfair every summer in the city where i live and i can't wait to go there again this summer!

i have no idea how i'm gonna do all that in one summer.

this was my first article and i loved writing it, defenitely gonna write more.

thanks for reading xx billie