♡D - dark red

Image by Olivia Durrans aesthetic, dark, and flowers image flowers, red, and aesthetic image aesthetic, alternative, and feed image

♡O - orange

autumn, burnt, and orange image architecture, city, and orange image theme, fruit, and orange image Image by ❁

♡R - rose gold

beauty, eyeshadow, and pink image drink, chanel, and bag image flowers, pink, and rose image flowers, pink, and spring image

♡O - olive

Inspiring Image on We Heart It Harry Styles, one direction, and harry image gucci, green, and theme image girl, eyes, and eyebrows image

♡T - turquoise

blue, Island, and landscape image dog, cute, and puppy image car, blue, and vintage image beach, blue, and photography image

♡E - ecru

accessories, earrings, and fashion image coffee, ice, and drink image girl, beauty, and bed image dog, cute, and puppy image

♡A - ash grey

cat, cute, and animal image fashion, white, and style image beauty, nails, and bracelet image girl, home, and white image