Since I absolutely love music I figured it was the perfect topic to write my first article about. The following are the best songs for when you're feeling extra gay. Enjoy !

1. Woman- Harry Styles

aesthetic, Lyrics, and pink image Harry Styles, concert, and gay image

2. Nervous- Shawn Mendes

Lyrics, nervous, and shawn mendes image gay, gay pride, and lgbtq image

3. On My Own- Niall Horan

aesthetic, Lyrics, and pastel image aesthetic and rainbow image

4. She Loves Control- Camila Cabello

quotes image aesthetic, aesthetics, and iphone image

5. Strong- One Direction

direction, hold on, and louis image june, pride, and love image

6. Girls/Girls/Boys- Panic! At The Disco

girl, boy, and quotes image pride, lgbt, and gay image

7. Mad As Rabbits- Panic! At The Disco

P!ATD, panic! at the disco, and pretty. odd. image rainbow, lgbt, and colors image

8. R U Mine?- Arctic Monkeys

alternative, amazing, and answer image rainbow, rose, and colors image

9. She Will Be Loved- Maroon 5

girl, broken, and smile image eyes, eye, and blue image

10. Happily- One Direction

happily, 歌詞, and ことば image header image

Let me know if you liked this playlist. Happy Pride Loves !