We'll start simple, then, I am afraid, I may start to run out of interesting things to say about myself...
~ Mariana

1) I am English - and have lived in England my whole life.

2) In September, I start a Creative Writing and English Literature course at university.

3) Next Summer, I am pleased to say that my family and I are off to Orlando, Florida, where I hope that I can do research for my novel, Escape The Castle.

4) Currently, my favourite book is The Handmaid's Tale - but that will likely change to the Red Queen Series once I have finished it.

5) I love music, sometimes more than life itself.

6) The first time I realised that I had a passion for writing was when I started writing a story that was entire inspired by the song 'Runaway' by Bon Jovi.

7) The first story I really dedicated myself to writing was a Harry Potter; Next Generation fanfiction - in which James Sirius Potter was the love interest - which I started not long after I started the above story, when I was fourteen. Five years later, it is finished, under servere editing and being reuploaded.

8) I consider myself an expert on the TV show 'Friends'.

9) I'm currently going through an 80s phase - Stranger Things, 80s pop music, 80s films etc.

10) I once created a fictional character that I was so in love with that I had to get rid of him, due to favouritism and the fact that I couldn't bear to give him any flaws. Don't judge me, I was fifteen.

11) My favourite Disney princess' are Belle and Mulan.

12) I play D&D.

13) My Hogwarts House is Gryffindor.

14) My Ilvermorny House is Wampus.

15) I am a huge fan of Shakespeare, and I own his complete works - which I refer to as my bible.

16) I collect glass bottles - I currently have eleven - they are nice to hang things on.

17) As Pride month is here, I'll tell you that I'm female, cis-gender, and currently under the assumption that I am heterosexual.

18) I'm obsessed with stationary and have a rediculous amount of it at home.

19) One of my greatest fears is deep, vast, and empty expanses of water. It's just that is seems endless and it freaks me out and makes me shiver. I couldn't watch the first ten minutes of Titanic because of it. And yes, that also means that I have trouble with Finding Nemo.

20) I really really like Ikea.

21) My favourite drink is Bailey's.

22) I've very recently gotten into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and I like it very much!

23) I used to be really interested in photography, and I think I would have been pretty good if I had practiced a lot. But I kind of just lost interest. More recently though, I have wanted to get back into it, but I'm not sure about my time management as I have a lot of writing to do.

24) I have that nasty habit of buying loads of books because I 'need' to, but I probably won't read them for a while because I am too busy rereading books that I have already read.

25) I personally really hate bad boy clichés; like, if I even see it on Wattpad, it is an immediate red flag for me. If you like, I'll make a whole post about it. I probably will anyway.

26) My MBTI/16 Type personality is INTJ. I do pride myself in being quite rare.

27) I can't stand onions. Like, I hate them. They are the devil's food.

28) I know I have already mentioned books, but one of my favourite authors is Louise O'Neill. Her books are so powerful and expertly written. She is a really inspiration.

29) I am a big fan of anime and dramas (mainly Korean, but I do love a good live-action anime adaptation).

30) Before I wanted to be a writer, I have wanted to be a fashion designer, a forensic scientist, and a forensic/criminal psychologist.